venerdì 28 ottobre 2011


Beautiful modern dance number created by Michael Kidd and performed by chorus dancers in
"Hello,Dolly!"(FOX,1969).Among the male dancers,the famous Tommy Tune(6' 6½"-1.99 m!).
Direction by Gene Kelly and music by Jerry Herman.

Royal Wedding(MGM,1951)

Nice musical with a cool four memorable musical numbers created by Fred Astaire and Nick Castle.Direction by Stanley Donen.

"You're All the World to Me".
Very original dance number performed by Fred Astaire on the ceilings!

"Sunday Jumps".
Terrific solo by Astaire.

"How Could You Believe Me".
Excellent Tap duet performed by Fred and Jane Powell.

"I Left My Hat in Haiti".
Wonderful dance number performed by Fred Astaire,Jane Powell and chorus.

Shakin' the Blues Away

The wonderful Tap solo performed by Ann Miller in "Easter Parade"(MGM,1948).Music and lyrics by Irving Berlin.

I Won't Dance

The first supreme movie Tap solo by Fred Astaire,from the musical "Roberta"(RKO,1935).The choreography by Astaire is with the assistance of Hermes Pan,and the music is by Jerome Kern.

Slaughter on 10th Avenue

The unforgettable modern ballet created by Gene Kelly and performed by Genius himself and Vera Ellen in "Words and Music"(MGM,1948).Music by Richard Rodgers.

Damn Yankees(Warner,1958)

One of the most beautiful musicals ever.Direction by Stanley Donen and George Abbott,choreographies by Bob-bie Fosse,music and lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.

Delightful song number performed by Nathaniel Frey,Russ Brown,James Komack and Albert Linville.

"Who's Got the Pain".
Amazing Mambo Jazz dance performed by Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon.Very original.

"Two Lost Souls".
Human heritage! Memorable Jazz dance number performed by the wonderful Gwen and chorus.

"Whatever Lola Wants".
Gwen Verdon overcomes Tab Hunter.Very nice.

The Young Man with a Horn

Nice song number,one of the best in the movies,performed by June Allyson and Harry James in
"Two Girls and a Sailor"(MGM,1944).Music by George Stoll and lyrics by Ralph Freed.

Give a Girl a Break(MGM,1953)

Great musical characterized by the wonderful choreographies by Gower Champion and direction by Stanley Donen.

"Challenge Dance".
Marge and Gower Champion in the amazing Jazz dance on the rooftops of New York.

"In our United States".
Bob Fosse and Debbie Reynolds in a fine Tap number in Central Park.

"Give a Girl a Break".
The homonymous musical number.Marge Champion,Helen Wood and Debbie Reynolds practice for the audition.

"Puppet Master Dance".
The great Helen Wood in a delightful dance number which mixes Ballet and Jazz.


"It Happens Every Time".
Thrilling modern dance number performed by Marge and Gower.

Take Me To Broadway

Great Tap solo by Bobby Van in "Small Town Girl"(MGM,1953).Music by Nicholas Brodszky and lyrics by Leo Robin.

Ray Bolger

One of the greatest Tap dancer ever(Theatre,movies,TV).Actor and singer.
10 January 1904,Dorchester - 15 January 1987,Los Angeles.

Terrific Tap number in typical Bolger's style: a rare mix of comic quality and technical skill.From
"Look for the Silver Lining"(Warner,1949).Music by Jerome Kern.

"I'm Gonna Ring the Bell Tonight".
Beautiful musical number(first part performed with Doris Day) from "April in Paris"(Warner,1952).Music by Vernon Duke.

"Carolina in the Morning".
From "Look for the Silver Lining" again,the other amazing Tap solo.Music by Walter Donaldson.

"Life Is Such a Pleasure".
The great Tap solo in "April in Paris".

Frankie and Johnny

One of the greatest film musical numbers.Unforgettable Jazz ballet created by Hermes Pan and danced by Cyd Charisse,John Brascia and Liliane Montevecchi in "Meet Me in Las Vegas"(MGM,1956).The song is traditional,here sung by Sammy Davis Jr. with special lyrics by Sammy Cahn.