venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

Ray Bolger

One of the greatest Tap dancer ever(Theatre,movies,TV).Actor and singer.
10 January 1904,Dorchester - 15 January 1987,Los Angeles.

Terrific Tap number in typical Bolger's style: a rare mix of comic quality and technical skill.From
"Look for the Silver Lining"(Warner,1949).Music by Jerome Kern.

"I'm Gonna Ring the Bell Tonight".
Beautiful musical number(first part performed with Doris Day) from "April in Paris"(Warner,1952).Music by Vernon Duke.

"Carolina in the Morning".
From "Look for the Silver Lining" again,the other amazing Tap solo.Music by Walter Donaldson.

"Life Is Such a Pleasure".
The great Tap solo in "April in Paris".

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