lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Gene Nelson

Unforgettable dancer(Theater,movies,TV).Actor,choreographer and director.
Seattle,24 March 1920 - Los Angeles,16 September 1996.

"A Farm Off Old Broadway".
Great Tap solo from "The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady"(Warner,1950).

"I'll Be Loving You".
Delightful dance duet with Virginia Mayo in "She's Working Her Way Through College"(Warner,1952).Choreography by LeRoy Prinz.

"What Is This Thing Called Love?".
With Janice Rule in a very nice dance number in spanish style to music by Cole Porter.From "Starlift"(Warner,1951).Choreography by LeRoy Prinz.

"This Is the Finale".
Excellent Tap solo in "The West Point Story"(Warner,1950).Choreography by Nelson himself and
LeRoy Prinz.

"Looking for Someone to Love".
With Pat Horn in a great modern dance number created by he himself and Lee Scott.From
"So This Is Paris"(Universal,1955).
"Tip-Toe thru' the Tulips with Me".
Great Tap number performed by Gene Nelson,Virginia Mayo and Virginia Gibson in
"Painting the Clouds with Sunshine"(Warner,1951).Staged by LeRoy Prinz,with music by
Joseph Burke.

"The Toy Trumpet".
Beautiful Tap number in "The West Point Story"(Warner,1950).Music by Raymond Scott.

"Crazy Rhythm".
Beautiful dance number from "Tea for Two"(Warner,1950).The choreography is by Nelson with the assistance of LeRoy Prinz,and the music is by Roger Wolfe Kahn and Joseph Meyer.


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