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lunedì 4 luglio 2011

It's Always Fair Weather(MGM,1955)

A top seven in my opinion. Direction by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, choreography by Kelly himself and music by André Previn.

"Thanks a Lot But No Thanks".
Nice song number performed by Dolores Gray.

"The Binge/Trash Can Dance".
The Tap and modern dance number by Gene Kelly, Michael Kidd and Dan Dailey through the streets of New York. One of the top in the art of dance.

"Baby You Knock Me Out".
The memorable dance number performed by Cyd Charisse with the boxers.

"I Like Myself".
Delightful Tap number on the skates(!) by Gene Kelly. Very original.

"Love Is Nothin' But a Racket".
Beautiful "cut number" by Kelly and Charisse.

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  1. It's Always Fair Weather (1955), did remind me a lot of the film, On the Town, starring Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Jules Munshin. I thought it was a wonderful film about three Army buddies making an effort to accept how each of their personalities had changed over the years. Gene Kelly's, rollerskating number is absolutely breathtaking. And the 3 friends dance with garbage cans on their feet is great fun to watch. Dan Dailey's solo, is a wonderful performance.. as he dances with grace while he may have had a few too many mixed drinks..One thing in the film that left me a little sad is, we don't hear them make plans to meet again.


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